Quality Isn't Just Testing

To produce quality products and services while minimizing waste and rework isn't just about testing.  Trying to "test in quality" is too slow, expensive, and inefficient.  Quality starts at the beginning of a product's life, and is more than the Software Development Lifecycle Model - it's a culture.  The SSQ educates its members in all aspects of efficient and effective software development.

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The Benefits of Membership

As a member, you have access to a community of Quality professional, who share your passion for doing things right.  Benefits include:

  • Educational seminars and presentations
  • Networking to exchange ideas and solutions
  • Benchmark your practices be seeing how others are doing
  • General skills advancement
  • Exposure to new ideas, methods, tools, and models
  • Presentation opportunities, to share your experiences
  • Build a network to find out about new job opportunities or find candidates who are investing in their careers

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Corporate Membership

We are exploring the idea of not just individuals as members, but having corporate membership.  The leaders of companies who want to improve the performance of their teams can open new doors to these resources with a membership that allows a number of employees to attend presentations and events.

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